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The Pure Boarding Philosophy

Creative snowboarding with maximum freedom and versatility. No limits and a whole lot of fun! For a Pure Boarder, everything is possible: carving extreme lay-down turns, enjoying powder over pristine slopes, playing in moguls, jumps, tricks – styles unlimited! One board for all terrain and snow conditions - Pure Boarding.

The Pure Boarding Technique

The Pure Boarding style is aggressive and exciting, but easy to learn and safe.
To teach the technique, Pure Boarding has created a snowboard school of quality instructors available at over 10 events each year (weekend and week-long).
Pure Boarding is attractive to so many people because it is easy to become proficient, but still offers endless challenge to perfect one’s technique and push oneself to ever higher levels of performance. This sport never gets boring!

Pure Boarding Carving Boards

Mountains are our playground. Most of the winter we ride on manmade snow, so high-quality Pure Boards are designed to perform on hard-packed snow while still offering high performance on moguls, powder, etc. One snowboard for all terrain and conditions.

Pure Snowboard’s are wide, which permits a more open stance without toe-drag. This has numerous advantages. The carving-snowboards are more stable, easy to ride, easy to get low, easy to lay-down carves, faster edge changes, higher edge pressure. And, these boards offer an easy transition to carving from soft-boots or skis.

Get on a Pure Board and have fun!


Pure Boarding Carving School

Pure Boarding has a team of instructors who attend Pure Boarding events and can teach you the basics of the Pure Boarding technique if you are new to the sport or help you perfect your technique as you advance towards your next personal goal. Carving, lay-downs, all terrain, and all conditions – you can learn it all and become sufficiently proficient that you will have a blast every time you ride.


Pure Boarding Lifestyle

Once you are ‘hooked’ on this exciting sport, you will always look forward with enthusiasm to the start of the next carving season. An opportunity to travel and enjoy carving with an international community of Pure Boarders while being continuously challenged to perfect your technique, but enjoying the challenge of your next personal goal. This will motivate you to stay in better shape year-round to fully enjoy and improve your riding. Having fun and enjoying life to its fullest. Joining the Pure Boarding community will change your life!